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Keep mice out of your kitchen, kid's playroom, storeroom, holiday home or warehouse.
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sonic mouse repeller When it gets colder mice come in looking for warmth and food. In Spring they want to nest. Force them back out!

Mice & rats hate these sounds

Repels Bandicoots!

"I think that the Ratsonic Mouse Repellers are the best thing out. I have tried everything". read more

"We haven't heard a rat since. It beats poison and traps hands down!" . read more

"The first time in 35 years we have not had mice in the house! Amazing. I am so grateful. Thanks"

An environmentally friendly way to combat rodents, Ratsonic utilises automatic wave variation, minimising the chance that pests become immune to the sound. Its high frequency ultrasonic waves attack the auditory and nervous systems of rodents. This pressure causes them to abandon their food sources and shelters. Activate it in a room or shed, and the rats and mice will avoid that area. It does not harm dogs and cats. Humane mouse control. Finally an electronic mouse repeller that works because it uses a varying frequency. To the mouse its like listening to an ear piercing burglar alarm that can't be turned off! Not the sort of place you'd raise baby mice.

Ratsonic is the electronic mouse repeller that broadcasts fluctuating ultrasonic sound pitches to prevent mice from becoming acclimatised to a single frequency. The dual, opposing speakers are positioned to disperse ultrasonic noise widely throughout the area to be protected.

Safe, clean, and easy to use

No dangerous poisons, no messy traps

No smelly mouse bodies

Convenient: Just plug into the powerpoint, the device can be used indoors day and night

Economic: Low power consumption, only 1 watts

Powerful: Effective up to 370 sq mtrs (4000 sq ft)

How does it affect your pet- click to find out

Frequency Range: 30,000Hz to 65,000 (continuously variable)
Cable on adaptor is approx 2 mtrs
Dimensions:120mm x 90mm x 70mm
   Output Sound Pressure: 130dB

Got rats in the roof? Mount this sonic rat repeller in your roof space and drive them out. The effectiveness of the Ratsonic in deterring mice and rats in your roofspace depends on how much roof space you have, and how high you can get the unit. The rafters, purlins, and trusses can create "shaded" areas for the Ratsonic. The unit will be even more ineffective if there is soft insulation. We can't offer a money back guarantee for use in your roofspace because of the possible obstructions, but for other parts of the house we can, provided you take note of the following:

rear view ultrasonic repellerThe instructions page that comes with the product is very careful to state that the RatSonic AttackWave is effective over an area of 4,000-5,000 ft. of UNOBSTRUCTED space. So placement is important. Be careful of blind spots ie areas that are not in a direct line to the ultrasonic repeller's speakers. Placement so it covers likely mouse entry points will improve results. In addition, placing the AttackWave on a carpet or on any other soft base is likely to reduce its effectiveness as the sound will be muffled. Walls, doors, and furniture cast "sound shadows" behind them. Rats and mice can use these silent areas for shelter from the ultrasound.

Mice damage to car? The Ratsonic has been used successfully to keep mice from nesting in cars, and chewing the wiring. Repairing mouse damage in cars and machinery can be very expensive. For maximum results we recommend placing one on the floor of your garage at the front, or rear, of the car pointed at the tyres (where they gain access to your vehicle). Open the car bonnet and place another ratsonic high up near the end of the bonnet lid, so it directs its noise straight into the engine area. Are you considering a mobile diesel refueling unit?

Will my dog, chooks, cat, fish, bird or other pet hear it? Please have a look at our hearing frequency table.

Effectiveness in a mice plague:
In plague conditions the mice will put up with anything to get to food!
We've had reports of catching mice in a trap set next to the Ratsonic. This might seem to suggest it doesn't work, but remember a mouse trap has food on it. Think of the ratsonic's noise as similiar to the dreadful noise made by a burglar alarm. You can still function in that noise, and still "steal" whatever is valuable, but it is not somewhere you want to set up home. So, in short, the ratsonic is not a complete solution if you are experiencing plague conditions. You should however find that they don't settle/breed in areas covered by the ratsonic.


Elimbah Qld: I think that the Ratsonic Mouse Repellers are the best thing out. I have tried everything. I have two dogs and didn't want to resort to baits but my problem was that bad I even tried baits. Of course apart from being dangerous they didn't work. It was almost as though the mice and rats were immune to them. I live on 10.2 acres and have a lot of bush around me I have never in my life had such a problem. It was that bad I was ready to sell up and move. Then my sister recommended the Ratsonic Mouse Repellers and I thought well what have I got to loose. I had tried other brands like Dick Smith ones, and Coles ones of these etc and with no success Within two days of having the Ratsonic Mouse Repeller I no longer had any mice or rats. I can't remember how big of a distance they say that they work for but I have a 300 sqm house and one did my whole house. It is great and I would strongly recommend these to anyone. I will be purchasing another two in about two weeks for our sheds. Katrina Cosgrove

Perth WA: We were plagued by rats nesting in the roof and constantly scratching around, until we popped a Ratsonic in the roof space 8 months ago and left it running. We haven't heard a rat since. It beats poison and traps hands down! I would recommend this product to anyone. John Cryer

Barraba NSW: We live in an old house that has always allowed mice in, especially in wet weather. With the mouse repellers I have been able to isolate rooms in the house and limit their movement. In the past I could have as many as 15 mouse traps in the house, recently I put them only where I knew the mice were. My moving the mouse repellers around a bit I have found one spot where the mice came in, and fixed it! No snakes so lots of mice outside. Plenty of rain, but the first time in 35 years we have not had mice in the house! Amazing. I am so grateful. Thanks. Carmel James (read the entire email)

Colo Vale NSW: I know your website suggested it might take a week or two for the mice to stop, but I haven't heard, seen or seen any evidence of a mouse since I plugged the device in last Tuesday. What a Godsend! Thank you. Jennifer Edmonds

Alice Springs NT: Received the Ratsonic devices last friday and plugged them in straight away. First night we caught a few in our usual traps, second night we had fewer caught. By the monday we were down to a couple of mice. Tuesday night we caught a couple early in the night in the garage and none in the house and last night we were completely mouse free. They work very well. So good not to have to empty mouse traps constantly!.We are recommending them to others in town as they are a real problem in Alice Springs at present especially for anyone near open fields as they are breeding well after all the rain last year. Happy we started using the device. Russell Waterhouse

Wingham NSW: Since I put one in the kitchen of my bush holiday retreat, I no longer have to spend the first half hour there cleaning up mouse droppings. I recently left it unvisited for 3 months and only had a few droppings to clean. Unfortunately the rooms not covered by the Ratsonic were very unpleasant, I'm buying some more units for those rooms. P Bishop

Violet Town Vic: Well I would have to say things have certainly improved since using them (bought 3). I can see a reduction in mice numbers for sure, with an older house it just meant I had to find the best position with most impact. Would highly recommend these and much safer alternative to baiting and no smell either. Jo Fraser

Scone NSW:

Since using the ratsonic I haven't seen a mouse and now have a mouse free kitchen! ...read whole email...
Alice Messara, Arrowfield Stud

Acacia Ridge Qld: At this stage I would have to say that they are working. I have since cleaned everything out where the rats were and also cleaned them out. I placed the units in the shed and at this stage have no sign of them , so I would have to say that they are working fine. regards, Mark Bramwell

Hampton Park Vic: I think flood moved more mice close to house. Couple of streets from our street, was flood. I believe Ratsonic work ok, mice are on the move all the time. I was mice free for about 1 year with "brand name" (1 sound only) before, and I found your Ratsonic better because it change sound and have 2 ways for it to go. Thank you Maja Skaljic

Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Menangle NSW: I purchased 4 units and placed these in various areas of our experimental piggery unit. Two were placed in relatively clean areas near expensive computer or CT scanning equipment (separate rooms) and we haven't seen any mouse activity there... (read the whole email) ... Can't say either way that they have, or haven't worked, but appears to be a worthwhile investment because the level of total mouse activity remains easily manageable. Graeme Eamens, Principal Research Scientist

Bullaring WA:

Hi John, Yes, we have been using your Ratsonic mouse repellers for the past few weeks and are very happy with the results ...read whole email...

Happy for you to publish this. Regards, Lyn Baker

Milbabena, Tasmania: John these rat repellers do work. You can put this on the website. Can I have 2 more please to give to my neighbour who has problems thanks. Helen Duhring

Effectively repels bandicoots:
"My lawns were being destroyed by bandicoots - maybe 30 to 50 holes a night. There seemed to be no deterrent except maybe to get a dog or cat (not an option). I reasoned that the bandicoot was basically a native rat so I trialed a Ratsonic on one lawn for the last two weeks - basically no more holes (every fourth or fifth night they might dig a couple of holes but then move on). The result was so good that bought another for the back lawn. (Make sure you protect the Ratsonic from the rain - I built a simple box enclosure) Bye Bye Bandicoots". Wayne from Gordon NSW


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